Secondary Development


Secondary development of Face recognition access control

JAEMONT Full support to cooperate with your development

1. Dedicated personnel to improve the efficiency of secondary development

The JAEMONT R&D department is equipped with dedicated personnel to communicate directly with your developers, provide technical guidance and cooperation for secondary development, and help you quickly form a stable product on the market.

2. High-level tracking to meet your needs

JAEMONT executives will track the development progress throughout the entire process, and will continue to optimize the software and hardware of the product according to your needs to meet your various application needs.

3. Continuous optimization to solve secondary development problems

JAEMONT will continue to optimize our underlying protocols, development kits and hardware drivers according to the problems you encounter during development, and greatly reduce your overall development cost.

Face detection

Based on years of in-depth technology accumulation in the industry, the face detection capability covers complex environments such as complex light, face shielding, large face Angle and fast movement, realizing efficient, accurate and stable face detection functions.

Face detection

Face recognition ability beyond human eyes, support multi-attribute, all ages, complex environment accurate recognition, millisecond level response, to provide the industry with accurate, fast, efficient face recognition function.

Face detection

It supports accurate face attribute detection (hair style, beard, hat, mask, eyes, skin color) under natural environment, with accuracy of >99%.

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